levent kilic

Salamun Alaikum & Hi.

I'm Levent, born in 1980 and an IT Consultant from Berlin, Germany.

I run this private website since 1998, to tell the world a little about myself and the things I do.

Have Fun & Vesselam
Levent Spencer


Some of my personal projects..

  • Gallery

    Sehitlik Mosque

    The Sehitlik-Moschee at Columbiadamm in Berlin Neukölln is one of the most beautiful mosques in Germany.It is located on the grounds of the old Turkish cemetery, which is the name of this mosque (Sehitlik = Heroes cemetery) www.sehitlik.de

  • Family

    l have lots of things that are very important and special in my life , but l think the most important thing is my family.

  • Gallery

    Zahnrader Network

    Zahnräder is a social incubator for social entrepreneurship. Zahnräder provides human, social, financial and cultural capital to Muslim social entrepreneurs in Germany. Zahnräder transforms individual energy into collective movement. Together as a group of professionals, the Zahnräder – literally representing gearwheels – create change in and for the society.


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